Reichhold Center for the Arts

Mr. Henry H. Reichhold

Henry Reichhold

Henry H. Reichhold (July 1901 - December 1989) was Chief Executive Officer of Reichhold Chemicals, Inc., the firm he founded in 1927 in Detroit, Michigan. He held that position for 55 years, longer than any other CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Mr. Reichhold had a life-long interest in music and art. While in Detroit, he revitalized the Detroit Symphony. He not only provided considerable financial support, but for many years he was the active president of the symphony, building it into one of the major orchestras of the country at the time. He completely underwrote the construction of the New Berlin Academy of Arts, which replaced the original academy destroyed in World War II. Henry Reichhold had a not-so-secret passion - the Virgin Islands. He first came to the islands in the 1950s and was so impressed with our piece of paradise that he bought Bluebeard's Castle and developed the landmark hotel into one of the finest properties in the Caribbean. Mr. Reichhold supported higher education in the Territory and was elected to the original Board of Overseers at the then College of the Virgin Islands in 1962. He made substantial donations to the development of the school itself, and endowed this beautiful arts center, which proudly bears his name. In his lifetime, Mr. Reichhold has received numerous honors such as the 1976 Louis Pasteur Humanitarian Award as well as the Virgin Islands Medal of Honor. Lastly, in 1976-1977, Mr. Reichhold contributed 3.5 million dollars to finance the cost of construction of the Reichhold Center for the Arts. Operations of the Center continue through the Reichhold Foundation.